Civil War Triology

Lessons from "The Crater:" when Cold Mountain meets Afghanistan

Black and White "Saints" of the Civil War
Covering the Civil War by kayak

Frederic A. Moritz
 photo by Joan Diamond

(Moritz: the Road Traveled)
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"We'll rise above the scarlet tide
That trickles down through the mountain
And separates the widow from the bride"

--The Scarlet Tide, lyrics, a view of war from the movie "Cold Mountain"
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featuring Elvis Costello


"Lessons from the Crater"
A massacre of "colored" troops

"Black and White Saints of the Civil War"
("Let them know we went down standing up")

54th Massachusetts "colored" assaults Battery Wagner


The day Ambrose Burnside "Drove Old Dixie Down:"
Four forgotten hours help shape the world

Apologies to Mark Twain: a tale of "Time Travel"

Kayak back to March 1862 with Frederic A. Moritz
for an eyewitness "blog" of the New Bern day
which "began" the strangling of the South.

Reporting from under the bridge which carries the wounded

See where some wounded will be treated
"The Burnside" is more than a carbine

A New Bern Battle Summary
Spartanburg, SC Newspaper Battle Dispatch from New Bern
Cell Phones in the Civil War Battle for New Bern




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