Good Schools:
Building for the future

By Christa Koenig
Author of

For me in every country it should be a rule to have a good school system - - and not only for students or pupils from rich parents who are able to send their kids to private schools.

And private schools are not always better...

A good school system should come from the government and it should be a quintessential thing in every country.

Well educated children are the future of each country. I know, it is difficult and a long road. You need an adequate school, motivated teachers and willing to learn students...also supporting parents..

Books, schoolhouses, and teachers

You can have the nicest bookshelf, with hundreds of books, but if people cannot read them, then they become only furniture and cleaning problems when they become full of dust.

The same with a modern schoolhouse. Only the willing to learn students make it useful.

The same with teachers. The teacher has the most difficult profession.

A good teacher must be able to make a student hungry... to water the seed, which should be planted from parents, the hunger for wake up the hunger, so the student becomes a wet sponge, to soak everything up with interest. A good teacher must give a student the feeling that it can be a great pleasure to learn and let the student feel it all comes from himself.

A teacher who is not able to motivate, to explain matters understandably, to nurture interests is for me not a good teacher.

Something which is or should be beyond discussion is this: that parents always should support and not work against a good school system. But also they should stand up when something goes wrong...

A teacher who has to be frightened of parents and their lawyers cannot teach, cannot work, because he has to hang his coat in the wind... A good school system can only function well, when both school and parents work hand in hand.

Behavior has to be taught first in a family and then together with a good school system.

A headmaster who has to make wrong decisions because he needs the money from rich parents cannot bring up a good school system. Because there will be always people who think money rules the system.

A good school system must come from the top, from the government. It should include all pupils and students, regardless of color.

It is not a question of a nice building. A school can be in an old unused factory or in a lovely building. What counts and brings results is the life inside.

A worldwide language

In every school in the whole world, we laugh in the same language. Even if we do not talk always the same language, we should have the same end result - well educated people.

Of course there will be always pupils, who do not want to learn...And there is always a need for people to do lower jobs.. but everybody should have the chance.. to be able, when working hard, to get a good job.

And, once again, this can only work when the government is interested in building a good school system.... which means all of us.. must be interested.

Help students bloom

Parents have to know they must support their kids -- and not think: Thank God now somebody else is looking after them. Mothers are *free* again, fathers have done their job...but then, when the first smallest misunderstanding comes up, they both bring their lawyer to the table... to protect their child.

Parents should plant the seed of interest in learning, teachers should water this seed with all their abilities. Both school and parents should watch and encourage the growing with the necessary strength, support, and understanding to get a plant in full blossom.

The place for money

Of course, this only works when enough money is around to pay good teachers to run a school. There are always ways for schools to earn a bit of extra money. To sell products the students made .. to concerts with pupils who learn an instrument....with sport events.. by finding sponsors.

Always not forgetting the point that spending money does not give the right to a parent's child to show power and expect a special treat or more rights than somebody else...

No place for revenge

Many times parents were treated bad in school and think now it is my turn to show these teachers the way. The best way of revenge is not to repay with the same coin - the best way is help improve the system.

Sharing the burden

Now a question, when you live in Maine, perhaps you live in Belfast but you work in Camden, where do you pay your taxes? Here it is like this:

Tuebach has only a normal grammar school. The higher school is in Goldach. So Tuebach pays for every child who goes to school with money to Goldach. That means Tuebach does not have to build its own school. They share costs..... and are allowed to send the kids to school in Goldach.

Smaller villages do not have to run a school when they do not have enough students. Goldach is much bigger, has more people and takes students from Tuebach and Untereggen, another small village. One school for several villages.. and all share the costs..

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