"I was there....
Mt. St. Helens erupted"
18 May 1980
By Jonica Martin, Comp 2
("Forrest Gumping" Through History)
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As I sit on my front porch drinking my ritual coffee, I am again overwhelmed by the beauty of Mount St. Helens in the morning sun. The trees stand tall and absorb the rays of the sun. But something is different today. There is smoke.

Where is it coming from I wonder. It can't be that peaceful mountain -- or is it?

Oh my God, it is. What is going on?

I run inside and call my closest neighbor who lives about a mile down the road. I find that he, too, is watching the devastating event. It is scary to realize the enormousness from so far away.

I turn on the TV and see that people are being evacuated with no chance to grab all of their personal belongings. By the next day their stuff is gone.

I watch from my porch the biggest natural disaster of my time and realize that I, too, have to leave before the as and soot envelops me as well.

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