"I was there....for Rachel Carson"
By Josh Smith, Comp 2
("Forrest Gumping" Through History)

As a child growing up, I went to school with Rachel Carson. I got to be very close to her and even dated her for a short while.

Carson was a very shy and secluded woman with very few close friends. She was close to and very interested in nature -- and often wrote some very interesting articles about nature. (Carson's
life story)

As she was gathering material for her book
Silent Spring, she asked me to help her. I spent many years researching certain affects on nature and contributed many points which Carson used in her book.

At about the time of the release of her book, Carson was diagnosed with cancer. It was a very trying time for Carson and being present at her court hearings often made me very emotional.

It was hard dealing with her death, but I know I did a great deal to help her complete her very controversial book.

It is a good feeling to be able to say that I knew and worked with Rachel Carson. (See Prof. Linda Lear's biography,
Rachel Carson: Witness for Nature)